Neural Programming, the self diagnostics approach.  It works for me and it does work but the implications that resulted in a change in me emotionally as well as my outlook on life, living it, and how I will or won't, and has developed around facts about myself, that I had found were the same in others.  I learned how to make a better person of myself, act on my better judgement opposed to just recognizing it or change the way I felt, then modify it, and better myself in tightening emotional bonds, and or loosening them.  All of my life is filled with examples of individuals that have either recieved writing sentences as a manditory method of punishment, or as a voluntary method of enlightenment.

     Roughly fourteen years ago, I was working at Kitsap Mall.  At the time I got a job working at Orange Julius, and the young lady worked at the Pet Shop a few doors down.  At the time the movie Desperately Seeking Suzan had just been released, and she happens to strongly resembled Roseanne Arquette, who played one of the lead roles.  This drew the attention of one of the Navy boys who was enlisted at one of the bases either Keyport, Bangor, or P.S.N.S., introduced himself to her and became the talk of the mall and subject of conversation among the ladies there. Because, right at introducing himself, he didn’t ask her out, he offered her money to write a full page of sentences on college ruled notebook paper.  It was a laugh for me at first too because, he was paying her to write sentences that had her declaring him the best looking guy she ever met just over a hundred times per page.  After she earned about 80 bucks, at 20, then 15 bucks a page, she made a comment that spread like fire thoughout the mall.  There were outbreaks of laughter all about her telling a friend that writing these sentences, "worked like plastic surgery on his face."

     Five years later we met again, in a mental hospital.  She was having a nervous breakdown, and I had started laughing in 1986 and by 1991 still hadn’t stopped.  The psychiatrists were concerned about my safety, health, and well being as well as the well being of others, they were evaluating me.  It was a few months before she met that guy that I met the individual who gave me a head injury that put me into this situation and without it I would never met this lady.  She was hysterical, when we first met.  I empathized with her, and wanted to cheer her up.  She was very honest with me.  In fact so honest, it was astonishing.  It's not too often that anyone is ever absolutely honest on a set of guidlines I would have called personal.  So, she told me that her husband had slept out on her, and I would have expected that much but, the details of how she felt and why made him look ignorant of her.  It's like finding a block of gold in the middle of a desert, then kicking because you're thirsty.  I wanted to change the subject for her to get her mind off of him.  So, I brought up that guy who paid her to fixed his face.  I figured what the hell, it worked like plastic surgery, and I was sure that had to be just a flash in the pan.  It wasn’t a flash, when she finished the sentences he paid her to write about looks, he paid her to write a few pages about how she loved him like no other.  Then she kept writing poetic tangnets, and footnotes on her own time with the same repetitive style.  With what I had said which, wasn’t what I was thinking would have brought about her abrupt response but did as follows.  So, I asked her in this many of so many words, "What ever happened to that jerk, who paid you to write sentences?"  She immediately exclaimed, "I married him!" marched off into her room in tears, and on her way she stated, "I Still write them, and I have over a 300 pages of the crap!"  I couldn’t apologize well enough, or enough times to fix that.  The next day we began to talk again, and her honesty was overwhelming.  I found some-one who could explain what ever was on her mind, and not miss a point.  It is very hard for me to not relate to someone who is explaining how she feels as an individual in layman’s terms.  I would have felt that the situation was personal but, she went on ruthlessly explaining it all and ever every feeling about her f#$%-up situation.  I learned so much that if I repeated her it would be so slanderous, but true and about her husband.  Her honesty allowed me to best understand her point of veiw.  From that point forward there is only solving the problem, and it's obvious who was in the wrong.  If her husband was more communcative, and wrote more sentences like he was having his wife write it would have all worked out well before her breakdown.  He'd as seriously as she would rather die than cheat by those few pages they could have wrote.  What I could see literally working in the relationship to strengthen it, and would work to keep both partners happy, and faithful was one sided, and all done by determination of that one lady.  There is a link to a survey later that really details just how true it is that if he would have done as much for her to reinforce his feelings for her, that they would never had seen the situation that they found themselves in.

     Once we had begun talking, in a calm civil sense, and she was explaining again about what happened, and how she felt.  I couldn’t see past how normal she was but much more emotional than the norm.  It was obvious to me that her feeling were deeper for him and as deep as I would consider ideal.  I even felt jealous, and stupid at the same time because, she described him like the bottom of the barrel, and still loved him to much to even think of anyone else.  That's the point at where my mouth dropped open, and I $#it. She didn’t belong there at all, he needed the help.  It's the weight of a moral issue verses questioning sanity.  He should have been writing as many sentences as she was the whole time, and money shouldn't have been the starting block  But, a mutual agreement, and a common goal for each their own personal level of psychological conditioning, or neural programming.  Either, or both could design each their own perspective of eachother.  At the level of peception that she delved beauty is and was only in the eye of the beholder for were there is no symetry in a rose, we are are bilateral.  What sense is there in giving a woman a rose, except the thorns and a hint at getting under her skin?  Should I go so far as a say, I love thee therefore I prick thee?  I'm not gay, I grow thorns.  She was emotionally hurt on a basic standard set of human nature clauses that are all related to relationships, and you couldn’t blame anybody for being emotional in that way for the kind of situation.  Shocked that the man she was living with cheated.  She told me that she never expected it to happen, but it did.  These are all common comments in the event of discovering unfaithful partner.  She made the whole world, and all the problems people have and had in it make sense to me in my mind in a flash, and here’s about what I thought in one compressed split second that proves different forms of repetitions are beneath the problems of people taking sides and becoming concieted or stubbornly sided.  Becoming a responsible self programmer can be 1000 more times enlightening in a relationship than any form of religion or patriotism which would have you sided against a large numbers of people that have historically been proven to be inclined to killing or war.  It is not a good way of life if you have any kind of plan of sleeping with anyone for very long.

A Pie Chart Showing the Survey Results of the major Religions

Buddhists sing, meditate, have daily rituals, and burial rituals:

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     It is only typical that marriage occur within any one of the social circles and wrong to marry outside of that circle.  From the looks of the Pie Chart, the world is dead set against any one religion not controlling any given solution to any form of social or scientific problem.  I am simply stating that if you accomplish too much good, you will become a target of the religion dominant your region.  Doctor, Environmentalist, and Engineer beware.

War, Patriotic separation and Religions all folded together into one unite thought that defined, people, how they programmed themselves, and each other all came to a complete head.

Chinese Patriotism
American Patriotism


Psychological Warfare

And indelibly I perceived the world for all that it is, and was.  And Knew what to do, and how to change it.


      We were released, and about two months later I had the opportunity to ask the lady out.  She told me she was married still, and I already knew so much.  I just wanted to test my theory.  I then became more concerned about my own problems, and the brain damage that I had suffered from a blow to my head, and began ordering books from the Newbridge book club.  I ordered cellular neurology, and embryonic cellular neurology.  I read through the analysis of leaches, and the development of their brains, earthworms, mice, rats, cats, and monkeys.  Each stage per stage in embryonic development, each through the first neuronal cell, the first two daughter cells, and the pre-birth, or hatch sequence of cell deaths.  I went on to study neuronal signals, and bioelectric impulses, neural chips, neural circuits and finally came to a conclusion about my condition.  When I was hit, my brain bled.  The bleeding and wound left a scar, and to simplify this, the scar tissue holds a bioelectric potential difference based upon a difference in scar tissues metabolism.  Of those of you who have had scars for long periods of time, burn scars when they are new often change color in respect to temperature, and physical activity.  This shows a change in the scar tissues metabolism but not its bioelectric potential.  It does mean that my problem is not solvable but not unconquerable.  In my study of brain cells in adult minds, the learning process can compensate for those potential differences presented by the scar tissue.  But that would require a team of neural cells working together in a function I establish for myself to be the task of compensation.  It worked but what helped me the most, wasn’t just this, it was this, and her living proof that love could be so deep, real, and well set.

     I went to the library with an experiment in mind, for my mind.  I wanted to be able to measure the degree of effectiveness of the method, and test the technique she had been using without becoming a victim of it by going too far.  After having read her notes and scanned over the hundreds of pages of sentences she had written, I thought that I might be able to read poetry, and by crossing over the same subject over and over, have a better degree of control over my mind than she did in the situation before becoming addicted, or obsessive, and see some measurable change in my emotional state towards her.  At that point in time it had been more than a year since I had even spoken to her, and I figured that it was safe.  I didn’t think that there would be anything more than measurable.  I checked out 5 or 6 heavy packed archive styled books on poetry.  I made sure that I was honest from my perspective, and was only describing how I actually felt.  This put me in the position of scanning through 20, or 30, maybe 50 poems a day to find one or two that actually matched how I felt.  I figured I could be as honest with myself, as she was with me and I could possibly confide in her if it got out of hand.  If this was all functional, I could always back out by repetitive writing.  I found myself going farther, and my feelings as a defined myself through the surreal, metaphors all built a very high definition of love in my mind.  If you really read historical archives of poetry, you will find that plenty is written to or for friends, or based upon plutonic love, valor, virtue and respect.  When I reached a point that I had to look to the other books having skipped the same things several time, and or went back found that the level of appreciation I had developed grew so deep that emotionally I had connected myself to the imaginary character I posted as her in my mind for the readings.  At that point I quit, and I knew it would really work for me if I began by sitting down to write over, and over on college ruled notebook paper something as simple as I don’t want to laugh without a reason.  But, I didn’t, and I knew that my problem would set longer.  My brain functions to control my entire body, and areas that are present to enable me to remember what I’ve done with my body are not involved with just acknowledging a thought.  The percent of brain matter receiving bioelectric impulses that would cause dendrite growth, and not neural cell division was much less than what would be if I read each sentence aloud as I wrote it, using my hands to write it.  Each area of my body involved uses a separate area of the brain for the task, and all of it remembers. Task, objective, emotional state, determination, outcome, and those words best define the foundations of the sentences that have the greatest impact. I wrote enough to get 3/4ths of the way through college but, Bill Clinton, changed the budget of so many so fast that the result of the previous Bush, had already crippled Community Colleges, were Clinton, burned the working poor like the economic Hitler of Health Care.

      It just sucks that I can’t find a woman that will keep a journal, or one that truly appreciates poetry, much less one that would keep both.  But that is what I am looking for and nothing else.  My understanding of this has grown, and in detail I know that if there is going to be world peace, the world leaders will be ruling the education system, and negotiating based upon the principals of common law, and what I’m making common knowledge here in this letter in the newsgroups, and on the internet.

     This is the experiment, and it is similar, if not the same as the one that I had done myself.  The difference here is that I am looking for couples to participate.  Keep a Journal filled with snippets of Poems that you’ve read searching the Internet.  Write one phrase, or sentence repetitively until a complete page of college rule notebook paper has been filled completely from top to bottom, front and back, and at least one page a week.  Be sure that the phrase you’ve chosen exactly expresses how you feel in an affectionate way directed at you partner.  Do not participate in this experiment if your partner will not comply in do as much.  If practice makes perfect in memorizing equations, learning to play guitar, piano or even to type, then maybe a method of thinking that is more fulfilling in a relationship can be developed by those who invest the time and effort into their own habits of thinking, and generate those attitudes, and feelings that they desire so strongly to be real.  A deep definition of the word love generated from all the minds, and imaginations that wrote the surreal, and metaphorical poems that best described how you felt that day.  Sort through it, and find the good in you, and build on it for you partner.

     If I had a multi-trillion dollar budget, I could build the woman I needed using MEMs, Nano-tech and several super computers.  The woman would look like what ever I wanted, and Think however I needed.  This is just an example of how aware of reality I am.

Out of all of the possible possibilities, DEMO

     If I were talking to God, I know that finding you is no different than cracking a safe.  There are only four molecules responsible for how good you look.  Now, if I use a base 3 numbers system, and count, I can count on finding your gene in a few billion years.  If 0 = G, C = 1, T = 2, and A = 3, then just carry once I reach 3, you’ll be there someday.  I would just count on it like this, 0, 1, 2, 3, 10, 11, 12, 13, 100, at 1,000, there would be as many rungs in the ladder of the DNA chain as depicted above.

     Now, at the atomic/molecular level, there is another method of counting that God could use, and it would always be you.  It’s much tougher than genetics but, just as reliable.  Therefore, I could count on finding you somewhere, or someday.  Now, base 2 is the simplest to explain in a three dimensional array of boxes.  Let us assume that the gray box is 0 or 1, box two reading left to right would be 0 or 2.  Box three is at the lower left corner of the top and would be either 0 or 4.  Counting in binary labeling each box as a digit would eventually have every possible possibility of boxes lit, or shaded over a period of time.   If you know anything about binary 8 bits allow for a grand count of 0 to 255.  Which makes 256 possibilities present for just eight boxes being either shaded or lit.  If we pulled the table of elements into the situation, then the total number of the gang of boxes would be around 40 trillion high, 40 trillion wide, and 80 trillion long.  In that box, if you could count using a base 255, and carrying outside of the first box at 255.  Someday, you’ll get or be there.

     Now, the way I perceive God, would make that all happen in my finite human existence, someday.  On the other hand, if I have build some kind of clock, that may not finish by the end of Universe based upon current scientific theory, and hypothesis, I may never find THE RIGHT WOMAN, and may just as well be searching for the only atom of water as if there were none anywhere, nor ever before.

I’m not trying to move mountains, and we were all only this >.< big once.