equals capacitance in farads.

      defines the relative permittivity, which is a rather difficult factor for me to find.  Without the correct dielectric constant for any other material except air, and a vacuum getting actual values of capacitance from the calculations is impossible. Air, or a vacuum maintain a dielectric constant of 1, ceramics range from somewhere around 80-1,200.  There are so many kinds of plastic, ceramic, and even mica doesn't rate stable between 3-8.  This is always true about every insulating material because, purity is negligible due to the fact that it doesn't change much, it's when a spark will travel through it that is important, and this isn't a number that represents dielectric breakdown, it represents an ability to store electrons within itself.

      Equals the area of the plate as defined by its height, and width.  This has nothing to do with the thickness of a plate, these should be made of foil, and not very thick, less than a millimeter.  All terms are calculated in meters so, it is kind of awkward because, it isn't translated to fractions of a centimeter.  The calculations for the foil area in my calculations is 3cm x 3cm.

      Now, this has to do with the thickness of the dielectric, or electrical insulating material that use, and is a very small distance if done right.  In my calculations the stack of 500 plates would have to be over 7/10ths of a meter high, and that's over 2 feet tall.  I was using a laminated form of paper, that is specifically designed as a dielectric.

      This is the last factor in the equation that represents the Absolute Permeability of air, or a vacuum.  This is another factor that weighs in at being exactly specific, and nearly impossible to find for every type of insulating material available on the market today.  You can have a dielectric breakdown voltage in the 100s of thousands of volts, and these factor are of little or no significance until you making extension cords, and they ain't giving the numbers away.  For some reason, I am starting to believe that those numbers are not free.

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