UFO Propulsion System III

   In the blueprint, Distance A, and Distance B represent the distance current must travel without arcing.  The vehicle operates using the air around it as a glow tube would use nitrogen in an arc lamp.  Don't let the name confuse you with the function of the tube, it is a glow tube but, it's labeled an arc lamp.  In order not to break down the dielectric of air, and maintain current flow, an impedance match, and a voltage lower than will allow for an arc at the distance of Distance A + Distance B must be achieved, and maintained.  There is a law of physics concerning High Voltages, and sharp edges, the most common, or frequented terminology for this effect is labeled Saint Elmos Fire.  Quantum electrodynamics can be applied to achieve a higher current flow through or space.  The following diagram is of a simple circuit that will show you increased current flow between two points exactly one inch apart.  These are the parts required for the experiment, two razors, one neon bulb and standard 120VAC wall current. Please, note, standard razors are coated with teflon, and unlessit's removed with sandpaper, you will never have a true electrical connection between the bare wire, and the razor therefore, I strongly suggest you use sandpaper, and solder the connection to be sure it's good.

   In the second current measurement the wire should be curved as shown in this diagram.

   This all goes into the design of the cathode, whereas, the anode is just a flat conductor.  Standard safety razors are made of tungsten, and can withstand intense heat.  By surrounding the cathode correctly with the razor edges facing away from the center of the cathode will increase both current flow, and thrust.  The first member of the family current increasing devices is the toroidal magnet, the second is the gang of razors.

Saint Elmo's Fire #1
Saint Elmo's Fire #2

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