This is a series of a diagrams that conclude the structural design of a MHD Generator. Below, is the combustion chamber. This device is designed to produce a explosive pulse of gas. This most basic component is designed on the same principals as a pulsed rocket engine. The fuel injection system is not defined but, would require a high pressure pump, and the utilization of stepping motors to regulate frequency.

     The camber shape is correct to produce a flaming smoke ring. This is managed very simply by a few structural features that are not visible in this diagram, or any other. Very simply the hole in the dome is one third the diameter of the extended tube. A simple test of a similar system would be a plastic 1 gallong milk jug filled with smoke. Then just strike it without crushing it. Consistantly, it will produce smoke rings. This diagram is intented to produce a flaming smoke ring. The difference is that high temperature gases are by law of physics, plasmas, and plamas conduct electricity as well as wire. Please, refer to the bottom of the page at this link: Plasma. Basically, some fuels to burn hot enough to produce a plasma, welding gases, and hydrogen often qualify. Plasmas, occur around the same temperatures that Thermionic Emission takes place, which, is one of the basics of vacuum tube theory. This power generator works on the principal of two known factors discoverd present in standard rotory generators. A loop of conductive gas, will act like a short curcuited loop of wire. Kick EMF then intensifies an existing magnetic field produced by a permenant magnet. Underneath it, is another shorted loop of wire that produces an even more intense magnetic field. From that point a second recieving coil is used to accumulate the energy in the exploding gas.

     This diagram shows the position of the coil/permenant magnet pair.

     This diagram shows the position of the recieving coil which is used like any typical generator's output coil.

     Now, if you choose to build a device that for continous operation, then there's a little trick to keeping all but the radiated heat away from the metal. That's by introducing a nutral gas, like nitrogen, CO2, or liquid helium. This gas will expand explosively but, not reach a true temperature of conductivity that the burning fuel will, or can based on the mix ratio. The objective of the position of the coolant injectors is to produce a layer of cold gas around and over the combustion plate. The combustion serves two purposes, one is to shape the detonation of the fuel in order to produce a vortex, or flaming smoke ring by the time it escapes the dome and enters the exit tube. In the exit tube the gas must be burning clear past the recieving coil. The good point of it is that it can convert hydrogen directly to water and electrity, and the velocity or horsepower of the escaping gas is almost directly converted to watts. By size and weight a rocket engine is always small horse per horse.

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{Another Device that Utilizes Plasmas Produced by Combustion}

     This concept design of MHD Generator was intended as a power supply that included a tesla coil, and the systems that are found at this link: My Web Page. The hull is simple, it's a grounded wire mesh, coated with a high dielectric like fiberglass, or carbon composite.

     Examples of fly by wire systems that use exactly the same principals can be found at this web site: Still Grounded.